How far apart should landscaping lights be?

Place lights every six to eight feet Generally speaking, you should plan where outdoor landscape lights should be placed. It is preferable to place the lights at a distance of six to eight feet to ensure that the path remains bright and well-lit. The distance between the lights depends on how bright they are, but a generally accepted distance that looks good is 6 to 8 feet apart. As a rule, outdoor garden lights with more than 300 lumens can be placed further apart, since they have higher brightness levels.

Achille Castiglioni Alessi Artemide Bathroom Lighting Bedroom Lighting Ceiling Fans Lamp Designer Fan Guides Flos Fans Furniture Furniture Guides Herman Miller Indoor Lighting Indoor Lighting Guides Kartell Kitchen Lighting Landscape Lighting LED Lighting Louis Poulsen Outdoor Outdoor design Outdoor furniture Outdoor lighting Outdoor lighting Guides Pendant lighting Ramon Esteve Scandinavian design. Selecting the ideal path and area light for your home is largely based on your preference for how they look and illuminate the landscape. When it comes to creating your garden lighting plan, it is always important for homeowners to consider the safety of their families and guests. The lumen output for landscape lighting can be subjective, it depends on the intensity with which you want to illuminate any particular element.

WAC Lighting's accent, flood and ground landscaping fixtures can be controlled to determine color, beam width and brightness levels, although we'll talk more about this. Like many things in life, less can be more and this is the case when it comes to landscape lighting. For this reason, you should select accessories based on how they complement or enhance architecture and landscape. Supplying 120V to your entire garden can be a costly and tedious task, as installing 120V wiring in most locations requires wiring to be installed a minimum of 6 feet below surface level in a galvanized duct.

There are a few different factors to consider when deciding how far away the lights should be from your landscape. You can check the number of lumens of the garden lights in the specification leaflet that comes with the lights. If you selected a 12V low-voltage system, there is a good chance that you have several series that extend from a single transformer to all garden accessories. With landscape lighting, it is even more varied because there are many variations in garden styles, paths, steps, ponds and much more.

It is only recommended to use 120 V if there is a 120 V infrastructure in your garden or if the selected fixtures will be installed very close to the house, near an outdoor receptacle.

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